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The Introduction to China Women’s University library

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    China Women’s University library was founded in 1979. It developed from a Reference Room of the women's Management College of China to a university library with distinctive characteristics. It is growing with the development of the China women university.
    “readers-centered “and” serving for teaching and scientific research” are the purpose of our library. Our library remains focused on resources building. In addition to purchase book in print, periodical, newspaper and interview Chinese & English database, we also participate in Balis (Beijing Academic Library & Information System) university library alliance to expand collection.
    As a library which advocated gender equality, women/gender resources are our characteristic collection. The characteristic resource library covers official publications, unofficial publications and audio-visual materials about women/gender resource. The continued accumulation of document information resources will provide strong guarantee for teaching, research and practice.
    To virtually carried our work purposes,we continually deepen our services.Our library established books purchasing work mechanisms, which performed by teachers' and students' participating. Our library also developed deep service such as subject consultancy service, information push, etc. These organizations such as library working committee,subject liaison, book club, and volunteer strengthen the exchange of the teachers and students. The "China Women’s University Academic Salon" has been held to expand exchanges and discussion across the board within and outside campus. Reading Day and propaganda week have been regularly scheduled, and various forms such as competitions, lectures, exhibition have been used to propaganda the resources and services of our library.
    In April 2011, The China women's university library moved into the new building with functions of reading and teaching. The new library building provides capacious development space and opportunities. Our library will adhere to ensure teaching, and prominent resource integration of characteristic information resources and spread. It is also our mission that cultivates applied undergraduate women with consciousness of gender equality and information literacy, which promote them take part in the social development and international communication.
    Our goal and direction are construct an academic library with safeguarding ability of the document services,highly professional qualities of librarian, deep level services. In the meantime, providing information resources guarantees and service for the country's female higher education and women/gender studies and practice are also our aim and direction.
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